Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Tunnel with light, Astral travel to a place where life after death exists!

My sister rang me last Monday morning and shared some weard stuff. I suspected that she was proving the Hindu cosmology right. If you see the youtube video on Mysteries of the universe in which they talk about a sacred city, my sister very likely was describing this place. Note the direction she flew in first, to come out of that city. (She hasn't seen this video, she is not a internet freak like me.)

This is how it all happened.
She prayed God to help her with meditation and expressed her feeling that she doesn't know the right way to do meditation. As she had her eyes closed, she saw a tunnel and felt that she was going through it very fast. She could see the light at the end of the tunnel. She then opened her eyes.

A couple of days later, last Sunday night she had this dream, but she recons it felt like real. She saw that she was where our dad is. Our father left this world ten years ago. He showed her the place where he lives, a place with mountains arounds it with huge trees, three times bigger than the normal trees. It felt like evening time. She did't see any sun.

He said to my sister," this is where I will bring you all." Dad then gave her a remote control and told her to go back for now. he said that the remote control will help her get back. She started flying slowly and then suddenly flew upwards at a tremendously high speed. She got scared and tried to use the remote to slow down but it only slowed down after reaching the point upwards that it needed to reach. After this she started flying in a direction towards home. When she opened her eyes, she was in bed but her body was sweatty with fear. She felt as if she actually left her body and flew.

Samuel Sagan says,"The background of the astral colours is what occultists have called the ‘astral light’. It is the basic colour that pervades the astral space, and it is no different from the purple light you see when you meditate in the eye. It could also be called ‘astral darkness’, for it appears as a semi-darkness, definitely dimmer than the daylight of the physical world, but of a different nature than the darkness of our nights. The physical darkness is an absence of light. The astral darkness glows.

In the very next paragraph on p. 74 Samuel Sagan says, "The astral space is neither unique nor uniform. As you advance in your meditation and your travelling, you learn to jump from one astral space to another. One of the references that allows you to
find your way is the quality of the colours and the basic hue of the astral light, both of which vary depending on which space you are in. In certain regions of the space the background of astral light is milky, in others it is darker, nearly black, or even greenblue as under the ocean. Even before reaching the actual stage of travelling, you can observe these variations in the colour of the space when you meditate in your eye."

Samuel says that it takes a great deal of inner experience and esoteric knowledge before one can safely interpret the significance of visions. Finally Samuel recommends, "If you practise along these lines, putting more emphasis on the
fact of seeing than on the content of the visions, then you won't build castles in the astral, and your spiritual journey will be safe.
Ultimately it is the pure light of the Spirit that will allow you to
discriminate and move towards Truth, even in the most confusing circumstances."

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